Our Services

Image/Brand Analysis

What impression do you wish to leave on others? That image is closely related to the story that you tell yourself.

At Redefined, we not only help you create the best content to showcase your work, but we assist you in choosing the right format and channels to display this information.

Image control is key to any company or organization’s business strategy. Every day, companies and public entities alike are faced with challenges of reputation, brand, and image in an ever-changing world. Redefined aims to deliver analysis and advice to non-government organizations, foundations, companies, and public institutions to enhance their communication strategies. This includes in the media, as well as thought leadership circles.

Because we are communication consultants and journalists at heart, our in-depth media knowledge will add value to your projects and goals.

Trends Analysis

We analyze consumer behaviors, new trends, and innovations so that you don’t have to. This allows us to create customized messages to address crisis situations.

We create tailor-made strategies and campaigns based on informed analysis, intuition, and long-term outlooks.

Content is Queen

Many institutions and companies are doing unique work in their communities that often goes unnoticed because there’s no content to showcase their work. Some aren’t developing content at all and have no idea where to start.

This is where Redefined comes in. We help you create tailor-made content and market it in a way that creates meaningful impact.

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